Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Boerne High School vs Antonian Prep Varsity Football

Wow,  have't updated this since August?    Guess no one noticed...Facebook seems to be where the cool kids hang out.

Speaking of cool kids, check out the series of Nick Novak, a JV player that moved up to play varsity last Friday. (#30 varsity & #33 JV)!i=3548263613&k=NTnsMj8

He looks right at home...

See all the game photos at

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Boerne vs Kerrville Tivy Football - Scrimmage Warmup for All

As usual it's 90-100F around here and football is spinning up.  Actually not too bad tonight working to get back in the groove shooting the Greyhounds taking on the Antlers.  Nice opportunity to catch some of the linesmen, that are so hard to get during a regular game...

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Monday, June 30, 2014

APSFL Chicago Fire Dept. Blaze vs San Antonio Raiders (SAFD/SAPD) Football Championship 2014

Football in June!

Sometimes things just go right...

I get a phone call from a number I don't recognize, assume it's spam and move on.  But wait, there's a voicemail. "Are you available to shoot the inaugural American Public Safety Football League Championship game tomorrow between some Chicago firemen and the San Antonio PD/FD team" (more or less).

Short notice, but hey they're a paying client and it's a daylight game with a whole bunch of big, motivated football least two of which looked like they must have played pro ball before becoming firemen. What's not to like...

While San Antonio wasn't able to get the field at the University of the Incarnate Word this time, they managed old school on grass at Edison high...up close and personal for all the fans.

American Public Safety Football League

Chicago FD Blaze
San Antonio Raiders

Lots of fun, lots of action...all of which you can see here:

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Ashley Walters - Texas A&M Softball Signing Class of 2015.

I had the opportunity to shoot Ashley and her club team, the Blaze, as she stays tuned up in preparation for her first year at A&M. Ashley was one of two catchers in the Texas A&M seven-player class for 2015, which was no surprise as she's been collecting accolades for her entire softball career, including being named on the MaxPreps 2014 Preseason All-American Softball team.

"C - Ashley WaltersCenter Point (Texas), Sr.
Batting leadoff, Walters was unstoppable in 2013 — .761 batting average (.807 OBP), 70 hits, 70 runs, 76 RBIs, 19 home runs, 30 doubles, four triples, 1.793 slugging and she struck out just once. She has committed to Texas A&M."

Texas A&M Signing Class of 2015