Saturday, July 31, 2010

Boerne, Texas Skate Park

The Boerne Skate Park finally opened in June this summer and I finally had a chance to drop by and check it out.  I'm going to try and shoot a bit there as skateboarding is dynamic sport with some really great athletes making their moves.  I guess like so many others, a lot of the publicity for the park was enhanced by the tragic death of Marcus Cunningham, his brother and friends in Kerrville.  I had shot a number of images of Marcus during football season and it would have been neat to see him on the rails here.

I didn't shoot much today, mostly just trying to see what the possibilities were.  You can see a few more shots in my Skateboarding galleries.

Mostly I can't believe I was selling these in a bike shop back in the 70's when they first broke out...and busted my tail on really old boards with steel wheels in the 60s. Fiberglass, trucks, urethane wheels and sealed bearings...only my flexibility and crash recovery abilities have changed. ;-)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Football Starts in August!

Wow, long lazy summer for youth sports, but I did have the opportunity to shoot one of the top under-12 baseball teams in Texas and John Karger's birds from Last Chance Forever.

I'm starting to build my high school football schedule for both varsity and JV teams.  If you want to be sure I'm able to cover your team on a particular date or would like to discuss custom coverage of your player, please email me.