Sunday, December 4, 2011

ThinkTank Holiday Special & In-A-Bag Giveaway

If you haven't figured it out by now, I'm a big fan of ThinkTank professional bags.

The have some killer deals going on now and a contest worth entering.

You can check out the the entire product line via the link at the right and enter the In-A-Bag drawing via this link:

They are also having a special deal on the Retrospective bags which are not only great for photography, but for general travel use:

Buy any Think Tank Photo Retrospective shoulder bag and get money back!
Between now and the end of December, whenever you order any of Think Tank Photo’s Retrospective shoulder bags, you will receive up to $20 back.  The Retrospective bags are inconspicuous, soft-sided shoulder bags with a simple exterior that blends into the environment.   They range in size from the Retrospective 5--which carries one standard size DSLR with one to three lenses or a complete Micro Four Thirds or rangefinder camera system—to the Retrospective 30, which holds two pro size DSLRs plus three to six lenses.  Click on the “Support” tab on each Retrospective product page to download your rebate form.  And don’t forget, in addition to receiving the rebate check from Think Tank, you also get to select gear to receive for free with your order when you order using a link from this page!

Click here for more details.

Have a safe holiday everyone....