Sunday, September 18, 2011

TMI vs Cole Football

I hadn't shot TMI since a pre-season scrimmage vs Sabinal, so I wasn't sure what to expect Friday night. TMI is a small school but they really raised the bar this year with major improvements to their athletic facilities and almost an entirely new athletic staff, from the Athletic Director on down.   Cole is a small high school based on Ft Sam Houston, so I was hoping for a close game and at least for the first quarter or so it was, but ended up a bit lop-sided at the end.

That said, TMI is playing with a very small team this year against teams chosen last year.  While this lets the Juniors and Seniors get a lot of playing time on both sides of the line, even 16 and 17 year olds have to get tired after a while. ;-)

But you know, the great thing about sports photography is it doesn't usually matter who wins, loses or by how much, when I'm focused on the action you get intensity and emotion from both winners and losers. Take a look at the TMI vs Cole gallery and you'd be hard pressed to prove this isn't 5A football.

You can find all my galleries at, or, if that's easier to remember.  Both teams get a bit of regional coverage as a small gallery is posted on SA, a high-traffic website for San Antonio area high school sports.

An hopefully this is the last time I shoot a Friday night game, edit and finally post the gallery at 3am...and then have to make a 7am flight the next morning.  But based on the the website views of the game over the weekend, I think the fans thought it was worth my effort. ;-)