Saturday, September 15, 2012

TMI vs St. Anthony Varsity Football...and a bit of JV Volleyball vs Hyde Park Baptist

I shot pretty regularly at TMI a few year ago, and they ended up using a number of my photos to enhance their fund raising efforts to improve their athletic fields and operations.  I didn't shoot last year for a number of reasons, but had an opening on Friday night and thought I'd see how the football team was doing after a year of rebuilding with an entirely new coaching staff.

Doing quite well, thank you. ;-)

TMI is different, it reminds me of my senior year in a similar academy quite a few years ago. Small school, lots of playing time for all the participants since the pool of players is relatively small. I think the neatest thing, is the intimacy of the game with the parents and no where else have I seen the team pretty much beat up on each other and then sincerely meet after the game on the field to hear the coaches sharing their thoughts with both teams.

Anyway, a great night, particularly as the rains held off.... check out the action at (aka

Before the football game I had a chance to catch one of the TMI vs Holy Cross JV volleyball games. Shooting in the gym is a challenge due to the lighting, inability to use strobes and lots of orange walls and floors, but I captured a few nice shots.  Check them out in the volleyball gallery at