Sunday, February 28, 2010

San Antonio Regional Marching Auxiliaries (Boerne, Texas)

Wow, what a day. Saturday, 27 Feb 2010, the Boerne-Champion High School Charms Dance organization hosted 40+ teams at the San Antonio Regional Marching Auxiliaries at Champion High School in Boerne, Texas.  It was their second year and the success of the first year must have gotten around as almost twice as many teams showed up, including one from California.

Me? I was up at 5:30am for setup at the gym.  Starting at 9am, and for the next ten hours, I shot killer dance routines and that was just in one of two gyms. I was able to use a Nikon SB-900 speedlight, but was limited in where I could place it(and me), so still lots of post-processing to do....on 3500 images!  With more than three days notice definitely think lighting and workflow could be improved with some Radio Poppers and/or two to four AlienBees or more SB-900s. ;-)

As always you can see everything at,.

Even after a day of dancing the energy in the auditorium was undiminished as reflected in this dancer doing a flip over a trusting group of friends...twice!  The second time he cleared 10 bodies....and stuck the landing.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Boerne Special Olympics Basketball

Some great basketball action at Boerne-Champion High School.  The Boerne Special Olympics hosted a basketball game supported by the Boerne-Champion band, cheerleaders, Champion Charms Dance Team and members of the varsity basketball team.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Texas High School Soccer - Boerne vs Clemens

A bit of nice scheduling by the Boerne Independent School District allowed me to shoot some daytime soccer of the Greyhound boys' varsity and girls' varsity teams as they went up against Clemens High School.

Few sports get the kind of turnout you see with football in Texas, but this is a sport I played for 35 years and was a State-level referee for ten or so years in the middle of I really like soccer and love to shoot it.  Looking forward to TMI Lacrosse as it's very similar.