Friday, October 30, 2009

New Photo Book Available - Boerne-Champion Chargers vs Midlothian

I haven't been posting much recently, mostly because all I seem to be doing is shooting football games and editing photos. I did want to share something I've been working on this fall and that's a new photo book featuring the Boerne-Champion Chargers vs Midlothian Panthers at the 2009 Texas Football Classic, played in the Alamodome, San Antonio, Texas.

It's a pretty neat 8x10 softcover book, printed on premium paper, and containing over 100 photos from the game. You can even preview all the pages.

I don't do this very often due to the labor, expense and market realities that limit what a book like this can successfully sell for. Let's just say I'd make more gross profit when I sell three or four small prints. ;-)
In any case it was a special occasion and fun to do, so please check it out.

Also of recent interest to a few parents is that I was finally able to schedule a freshman football game, specifically Boerne Greyhounds vs Antonian Prep. Anytime I get to shoot a game in daylight, I'm one happy photographer and the pictures show it. Check out the gallery...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sports, Sports, Everywhere Sports

Wow, lots going on. Trying to cover three high schools, two sports and shooting a bit of college soccer and University of the Incarnate Word from the stands generates a lot of post-processing time.

The nice thing about Boerne High School and Boerne-Champion High School playing football at the same location is that there is often a Boerne High School varsity volleyball game going on prior to football which allows me to provide more coverage than I might usually be able to offer.

Ah, volleyball...if you really want to feel incompetent as a sports photographer, go shoot some volleyball. The lighting is usually wierd and varies around the court(color balance changes as the lights cycle, aggravated by the floor and walls reflecting their orange hue), the action is all over the place and there never seems to be a good position to cover all the plays from. Good sports photography requires peak action and clean backgrounds and I don't care how fast your auto-focus camera's usually not fast enough.
After reading this thread on at least I know I'm not alone in seeing volleyball as one of the hardest sports to shoot....but boy, sometimes you do get a killer portrait.