Sunday, November 10, 2013

Incarnate Word Football (UIW) vs Abilene Christian University (ACU)

I had the opportunity to shoot the University of Incarnate Word vs Abilene Christian University football game yesterday, while most of San Antonio's football fans were focused on UTSA.

Both schools had great wins, with UIW defeating ACU for the first time ever and established their first winning season since the program's inception five years ago. 

The game went down to the last two minutes with UIW ahead by three points and ACU moving the ball to within scoring range, but suffered a fumble and the resulting loss.

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Friday, October 25, 2013

World Karate (San Antonio-Leon Springs) Black Belt Test

Had an engagement to shoot a black belt promotion test at World Karate in Leon Springs, Texas.
Had a range of emotions on this as the lighting conditions and close action work made it technically difficult, but it also brought back the 10-15 years I studied before I got old and out of shape.

Had a great time and even managed to get the required breaking board photo...note that Luke was holding the board when he broke it, so it was all about speed and focus and not someone pushing hard while you punch or kick the board.

Congratulation Luke and the other students and my thanks to Master David Brown who let me on the mat and essentially allowed me to act like a paparazzi during all portions of the test. Watching Sensei David work with the younger kids class and during the black belt test, it was apparent he is was running a class act...and the building is way cool also.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Boerne-Champion vs Lockhart Varsity Football & Homecoming

Busy week with Lockhart taking on Boerne-Champion on Champion's Homecoming night.  That's usually a hard gig, but if you want to see a ground-based offense just watch Lockhart's varsity and even Freshman teams grind out the yardage.  A couple of us even swore we saw a wishbone formation, circa UT/Darryl Royal of the 1960-70s. ;-)

So all the crashing about was great, but it was homecoming for Champion and they put on a great pre-game awards show and the usual fine half-time by the band and Charms dancers.

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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Boerne Greyhounds Varsity Football Homecoming vs Lytle

Homecoming games are usually pretty exciting, not only for the hype of the game action, but all the coronation activity...and luckily we had great weather.

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Zombies and Red-Eye Photography (San Antonio Brandeis vs O'Connor Varsity Football)

Red-eye is an on-going issue for anyone that photographs people with flash, as the eye can easily reflect back the light, giving it a red tone due to all the blood vessels in the eye.

That said, sometimes I really want to leave it there, particularly with the popularity of the zombie theme with so many high school dance and band routines this year.

More zombies may be found at Ralph Mawyer Photography.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

San Antonio Brandeis vs O'Connor Varsity Football

Oh My, what a game..,,,

Brandeis up 9-7, holds O'Connor with maybe three minutes to go.  Drives to mid-field and fumbles the ball. O'Connor recovers and drives within field goal range with something like 10 sec. on the clock...AND Scores.  Short, high kick to Brandeis who returns it pass mid-field.  Time has runout and O'Connor was celebrating a 10-9 win, but apparently O'Connor entered the field before time was fully out, resulting in a penalty that gave Brandeis a point-blank shot at a field goal with no time on the clock.  The make it and win 12-10.

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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Boerne High School Week...

Wow, busy week...

Boerne JV and Varsity volleyball on Tuesday and varsity football Friday.  Lots of shooting, lots of editing and pretty neat seeing players I've shot for the past two-three years moving into their last year in high school sports...and spotting all the new talent that has matured as Juniors this year.

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fall Sports are underway! Boerne-Champion vs San Antonio Churchill Volleyball Leads Off

Nothing like a volleyball game to remind a shooter how rusty he or she can get not doing any action sports over the summer.

Boerne-Champion Varsity and JV teams helped me sort things out my first week back with the high schools, but I'm guessing they were working a lot harder than I was.

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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Boerne ISD Invitational Baseball Tournament

The Boerne ISD Invitational Baseball Tournament began Thursday and runs through Saturday. I had a chance to shoot three games at Boerne High School today and plan on a couple at Champion tomorrow. Clouds were nice, but could have done without the mist/drizzle...though the teams seemed to take it in stride with some great hitting and.

You can check out all the games I covered here:

Monday, March 4, 2013


Wow, it's been a while...

Managed to make time for whales and surfers and queuing up for a bit of baseball and possibly lacrosse.  If you have someone playing you would like coverage of, please drop me a note with their team, number and position and I'll see what I can do.

If you are a photographer and value your equipment, please check out ThinkTanks latest offering of a free eyepiece with rain cover purchase (I'm buying one).  If you don't need that, any purchase from ThinkTank using the link on the right gets you a free bonus gift and helps support my no-cost spec shooting schedule.

Humpback Whale between Maui and Lanai...

Robby Swift, professional windsurfer... getting reading to paddle into Jaws, off Maui, from the beach.
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