Thursday, August 21, 2008

High School Football is hard

Boerne-Champion High School scrimmaged San Antonio South San today so I figured it was good time for me to practice my technique before the regular season starts.  In case anyone is wondering, high school football is hard to least shoot and get good images. Luckily the teams were already at work when I got there around 5PM so the light was still good, but once the Varsity started to play and the sun began to disappear things got a bit more difficult.  Given that all the regular season games are at night, it actually was perfect for working on my strobe technique.
So lighting aside, ever try to get make a meaningful picture with 22 guys running into each other at high speed? I did find that the fake handoffs worked great on me while my eye was in the viewfinder. 
Lots of fun for sure and reminded me of when I was fit and fearless...a long time ago.  
Probably the most memorable experience was being down on the field in the midst of the teams and realizing how hard working and motivated all the coaches were. Supportive, reinforcing, name it, these guys care.  (OK, maybe there was a bit of tough love also going on.) They clearly love what they are doing and manage to remember everyone's name while they were at it.  Way cool....