Thursday, July 21, 2011

New member of

After four years of procrastination and lurking I finally applied for membership on was accepted.  For a sportsshooter, at least for me, this is a pretty big deal and just wanted to share.

About -

I'll also be shooting for SA this year, so look for game photo highlights there and possibly on the Kens5-TV webpage slideshow.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Facebook and Updates

I know folks have a hard time remembering and spelling my name, but there's an easier way to remember my website now.

Just bookmark as it now takes you to

**** And did I mention I now offer small digital copies of your favorite photos for use on Facebook or email?  Just click the Buy Button, then Downloads tab to see the offering and let me know if you have special requirements not met by my product list.

I've also established a Facebook Business Page to make it easier for my followers to keep up with what I'm shooting and to provide direct feedback.  Please consider hitting the 'Like' button and follow me this coming football season.

Ralph Mawyer Photography on Facebook

Please spread the's going to be a great season.