Monday, April 27, 2009

Boerne-Champion Baseball vs Smithson Valley

When I first started shooting sports it was primarily the Smithson Valley High School baseball team I focused on, so it was a double-treat to shoot the Boerne-Champion Chargers playing the Smithson Valley Rangers on Parent's Day....and it was an afternoon game!

Since Smithson Valley is a 5A team and Boerne-Champion is 4A this was not a district game, which allowed me to get photos of players I don't often see. Some good action at first and second and my usual attempts to get the ball on the bat.  No, a five+ frames/sec motor drive does not guarantee you'll get the ball on the bat. ;-)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fiesta Frenzy - "An Evening at La Cage"..a benefit for Childsafe of San Antonio

and now for something completely different.... ;-)

I thought I was just going to a benefit performance last Wednesday and was looking forward to spending some money on a good cause and to see a few musical numbers that weren't on my usual list for weekend entertainment.   So there I am, sitting on the 4th row of the historic San Antonio Josephine Theatre getting ready to enjoy a mix of musical & dance numbers, female impersonators and stand-up comedy skits...when the MC says feel free to take pictures.   Too good an offer to pass up...

I'm guessing by the 3rd act the guy behind me was tired of seeing my elbow in the air holding my camera, but given the boisterous nature of the crowd and the phenomenal acts it turned out to be a really fun night for a good cause.

Fiesta Frenzy is in its 9th year as a regular San Antonio Fiesta event whose goal is to raise money for selected community groups.  This year the event benefited the Childsafe organization which...

 "provides services in a safe environment for child and adolescent victims of sexual abuse. At the center professionals ensure that the child’s needs  emotional and medical  come first. The mission of ChildSafe is to restore dignity, trust and hope to children traumatized by sexual abuse."