Friday, October 25, 2013

World Karate (San Antonio-Leon Springs) Black Belt Test

Had an engagement to shoot a black belt promotion test at World Karate in Leon Springs, Texas.
Had a range of emotions on this as the lighting conditions and close action work made it technically difficult, but it also brought back the 10-15 years I studied before I got old and out of shape.

Had a great time and even managed to get the required breaking board photo...note that Luke was holding the board when he broke it, so it was all about speed and focus and not someone pushing hard while you punch or kick the board.

Congratulation Luke and the other students and my thanks to Master David Brown who let me on the mat and essentially allowed me to act like a paparazzi during all portions of the test. Watching Sensei David work with the younger kids class and during the black belt test, it was apparent he is was running a class act...and the building is way cool also.