Sunday, March 6, 2011

TMI Lacrosse vs Georgetown and TMI Softball vs Lutheran H.S.

Long Saturday, but needed to get back in the groove as spring approaches and we leave early darkness behind.  I jumped in with both feet on Saturday.  First an early game of softball with TMI girls hosting Lutheran High School of San Antonio.  The winds were howling at 30mph+ with me trying to balance on a ladder to shoot over the fence.  Felt like I was on the mast of a sailboat...but beats shooting through chain link fence which is de rigueur at most facilities.  Noon-time games are always hard to shoot, better than night games, but the hard light really adds to the post-processing time to bring out the players faces, usually in deep shadow.  The great thing about baseball and softball is the chance for candid portraits when the players are not on the field.

The TMI vs Georgetown lacrosse game was fast and furious as usually, but you couldn't ask for much better light than 4-5PM on a winter evening with no stadium blocking the sun as it sets int the west.

Looking forward to weekday baseball and soccer after the time change next week, which will provide a little extra daylight for those 5:30pm starts.

Are you trying to shoot your son or daughter in their respective sport with your new digital camera and aren't happy with the results? Drop me an email if you have any questions....or if you haven't bought that expensive camera consider engaging me for custom coverage of your special player.