Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Think Tank Photo Sale Gets Better!

I have a ton of Think Tank gear and love it, particularly the waist belt bags, i.e., Modular and Skins.  I use both of the kits below, not only for sports assignments, but for travel also.

Think Tank has just enhanced their sale on the Modular and Skin bags today. In addition to 20% off your free bag option now includes some of their premium small bags includingLARGE Lens Drop In, RU Thirsty, Whip it Out, Skin 50, Skin 75 Pop Down, Skin Double Wide, Skin Strobe, or a Skin Chimp Cage.  

The waist belt kits are easy on your back and provides fast access to your gear, so pick a set up now while the offer is out there.

Click this direct link for the Modular Component Systems  and your 20%  discount or use the link on the right to see all their products.