Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Leon Springs Traffic & Pizza?

A couple of weeks ago an optimistic driver towing a huge propeller blade, soon to be attached to a West Texas wind farm motor, tried to fit under the Fair Oaks overpass at I-10W. Apparently the load was taller than the driver of the lead car was aware of (you gotta think someone is measuring this stuff, right?) and physics pretty much took over. End result...overpass closed for a couple of months and all traffic to Boerne Stage now essentially travels through downtown Leon Springs.

Well, I regularly eat pizza at a little place called Fralo's (in preparation for the Leon Springs sumo competition). Fralo's is located right after the west bound exit to Leon Springs, so we pass the time admiring the long line of cars sitting in the 100F Texas weather waiting for the infamous two-light/two intersection shuffle to get to the other side of I-10.

Now most Fralo regulars know Frank Hakspiel, co-owner of Fralo's with wife Lori, is the original entrepreneur, but when we saw him send one of his employees, George Garcia, out to provide water to hot drivers we knew it was going to get a bit more interesting. In a grand effort to share the limelight, and upstage George, Frank walked out and started handing out watermelon cups!
I figured if they had survived this long in traffic, it was up to me to document the event for posterity. James Nachtwey I'm not, but it was fun.